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Party for Introverts is a small indie team with backgrounds in professional video game development, literature, and theatre. Based in London, they aim to make nontraditional emotion-driven games that focus on story and connectivity.

We are the creators of a number of critically acclaimed short interactive stories (Thing-in-Itself, From Head to Toe and A Lozenge) and are currently working on their first full-length project (the narrative RPG, Cabernet).

Party for Introverts is Arseniy Klishin and Laura Gray.

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Change is brewing, threatening the established ways of alluring supernatural aristocrats. Sustain your facade as one of the living and struggle with your morality as a young vampire. Will you retain your humanity or descend further into the horror you have become?


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Ted and Molly are together. Ted feels a connection to Molly wherever he looks.

But, how do they both really see the relationship? See each other?

“Thing-in-Itself” is an interactive short story about the struggles of understanding another human being. Using Immanuel Kant’s concept as a framework, it leads the player through stages of a relationship, exploring how perceptions may clash and surroundings can alter.

With an average walkthrough time of 15 minutes, “Thing-in-Itself” is not a game in a traditional sense – it doesn’t have win or lose conditions and doesn’t present challenge to the player.

With this project, Party for Introverts attempts to establish a connection between the mediums of game and short story, reworking the possibilities when narrative and interactivity merge.

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From Head to Toe

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“The game is a soothing experience in the joys of exploring old memories, the pain of watching our childhood places fade away, and the feeling of those special kinds of rare, cherished, eternal childhood friendships.”Indie Games Plus

“…ti accompagna per mano lungo il viale dei ricordi… non ci sono scuse per non provarlo. […takes you by the hand along the avenue of memories… there are no excuses for not trying it.]” – Papille

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“From Head to Toe” is a short interactive story about winter, existential guilt and your ex-classmates.

In this experimental 2D game, you play as Betty—a young woman visiting her hometown. Joined by her high school best friend, Quentin, Betty journeys to her childhood home on a path that she has walked so many times before.

“From Head to Toe” transports the player to a small-town world colored by themes of longing and nostalgia.

Instead of traditional gameplay, the experience focuses on immersive story mechanics, including a unique walking system, small object interactions and occasional dialogue choices.

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A Lozenge


“Master class of short form from Party for Introverts and a unique sensation that you make choices for an adult, but play for two characters at the same time. [Мастер-класс короткой формы от студии Party For Introverts и удивительное ощущение, когда делаешь выборы только за взрослого, а отыгрываешь как будто двух персонажей сразу]”

“An example of how to tell a super story in 15 minutes… It cost pennies, takes 15 minutes, worth your tears. [Пример того, как за 15 минут рассказать суперисторию… Стоит копейки, проходится за 15 минут, стоит ваших слез.]”

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Michelle is nauseous every car trip. A ginger lozenge may make her feel a little better, but this morning that’s a lot of pressure for a hard candy.

“A Lozenge” is a short interactive story about motion sickness, dedicated to children of divorce. In the format of a 10-minute visual novel, it lets the player join Lucy and Michelle on their mother-daughter road trip.

They will play as Lucy, a newly separated mother of a 9-year old, Michelle. They will hear Lucy’s thoughts, feel her doubts and anxieties and help her comfort her daughter by making occasional dialogue choices.



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